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Volume Control

Mind the Store, Dolans

“The family that controls Cablevision backed out of a plan to take the Long Island-based cable company private and demanded a big dividend … I just wish they would settle with a direction and get back to focusing on customer service which, in my view, has falling to horrible levels over the past year.”

Robert Gates,

Cablevision spokesman Jim Maiella responds: “Cablevision is committed to providing the highest possible level of service to each of our video, voice and high-speed Internet customers. … We won’t rest until every customer is fully satisfied with the services and the value we provide.”

No Muni Wi-Fi Monopolies

“As cities increasingly move towards trying to deploy municipal networks, they need to recognize that they shouldn’t be giving away the farm. … Anaheim should have required that competition be part of the marketplace. Having a single company that controls the creation, operation, maintenance, and service over a network is a terrible idea. Its exactly the type of behavior shown by telco and cable giants like SBC and Verizon, who provide expensive, poor service.”

Dana Spiegel, on, regarding a proposal before the Anaheim, Calif., City Council to grant EarthLink Inc. a 20-year franchise to operate a public Wi-Fi network.

Vooming Along With Verizon

“My existing cable connection rates 2.6 Mbps and has a subjective rating of 'Great.’ Then I did a speed test on my new FiOS service (from Verizon) and it rates 27 Mbps and has a subjective rating of 'Unbelievable.’ They aren’t kidding! That crackling is gone on our phone calls, too. I’ll let you know if it ever slows down or has trouble.”

Brian Alvey, The Brian Alvey Weblog

Wondering About WiMAX

“In the WiMAX world, this remains a mystery. Two or more years into the hype cycle, real test data is about as common as a dodo bird on Wall Street. There are claims, there are press releases, but real models and test data? Not.”

Jeffrey K. Belk, senior vice president, marketing, Qualcomm Inc.