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Volume Control

A Big, Inefficient Lunch

“The lazy, traditional, one-stop-shopping of TV upfront and the big-media lunch circuit is inefficient, wasteful, untargeted, irrelevant, and ultimately damned irritating to your customers.”

Jeff Jarvis,

Regime Change or Chaos?

“There is no reason to believe the collapse of the old media model will yield a plug-and-play new one.”

Bob Garfield, Advertising Age

Endangered Species

“The shortage of advertising-sales talent is the Achilles heel of the new Web 2.0 ecosystem. (Ironically, the old media has a built-in advantage here.)”

Om Malik, GigaOM

Advantage: Big-Brained

“Once you have five big fat gorillas running around, it’s the intelligent gorilla, not the one who weighs five pounds more, that wins.’

Rishad Tobaccowala, founder of Starcom media buying agency

DVR Will Clean Spots

“About 70% of the companies surveyed think digital video recorders and video on demand will “reduce or destroy” the effectiveness of traditional TV ads. Among the companies surveyed were big-time advertisers like Verizon, Colgate, and Johnson & Johnson.”

Alyce Lomax, The Motley Fool

Quiz Show

“At the end of the commercial, the box would offer a multiple-choice question about the ad … Viewers would answer on their remote control. Each time they get it right, they would get a credit on their TV bill. Get enough right, and the TV bill is free.”

Brad Templeton,, on “The Future of TV Advertising”

The Hard Shell

“In a media world besieged by technologies like the TiVo and the iPod, advertisers are finding it harder and harder to get their marketing messages across. So TV network CBS has decided to whet your appetite for its new fall lineup with a series of ads printed on 35 million eggs.”

Brian Tracey, MSNBC