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Hub of Fury

“Will Bostonians force heads to roll at Turner? Right now, people are furious.”

Brian Maloney, The Radio Equalizer,

Attack of the Billboards

“Every local news channel I put on has BREAKING NEWS! about 'suspicious packages’ found all over Boston that are shutting down half the town. This would be interesting to watch if they were actually something noteworthy, and not simply an advertising campaign for Adult Swim. Heckuva job there, Boston!”

Sean Bonner, MetroBlogging,

That Insecure Feeling

“How come it took Turner all day to tell Boston what was going on? The story was on national channels — didn’t any officials in other cities think to tell Boston officials? This is a security embarrassment, not a terrorist attack.”

Cory Bergman, Lost

No Bright Idea

“In a post-9/11 world, what kind of a moron would think that that’s a good idea, to scatter stuff around in places like Boston and other big cities with batteries attached to it?”

Jack Cafferty, correspondent for CNN (sister network of Cartoon Network)

Panic City

“Can you imagine if this happened in NYC? Especially in the subways? Not only would the city sue the promotions company, but there would be people upset over screwed up commutes!”

Jen Chung,’s Note: Turner noted that the devices had been in place for two or three weeks in cities that included New York)

Much Ado About Not Much

“Shades of the Salem witch trials. … There is nothing to that story.”

Chris Matthews, MSNBC anchor, opining that there’s a slim chance that criminal charges will be filed,

Help Wanted: Marketing

“In a post-911 world, such a stunt is like playing with fire. More importantly, didn’t they think someone was going to get pissed that at least one of the characters was depicted as giving the finger to an entire city? It’s possible that an individual [or individuals] could go to jail over the whole thing, which is sort of unfortunate. Either way, it looks like now is primetime to get your resume over to Turner. Something tells me they are going to have a few openings very soon.”

Rachel Cericola, TV