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The World Is Flat

Flat-screen TVs are cool. Come to think of it, flatness is simply a cool feature in electronic products. That doesn’t mean flatness will always seem cool. It could easily become normal and boring. If we get used to the looks of something, if it starts to fade into the background, it loses its cool factor.

Virginia Postrel

Hero of the Couch Potatoes

Every man in America salutes you, Al Jessup.

Chris Webb, Maxwell Adventist Academy, Nairobi, Kenya, On a Beckley, W. Va., man who has 12 working satellite dishes, receiving more than 5,000 channels of programming

A Dog’s Life

Last week, I introduced a friend to Paul. Later in the week, we had a phone conversation. “He’s really cute, Priya. He has the same name as the dog on Gilmore Girls.” Now, why didn’t I think of that? Is it obvious I’m only dating Paul because of his canine moniker likeness? I’d like a little more relational thought here, folks.

Priya Nalkur
ToughCookiesAtHarvard, Cambridge, Mass.