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Volume Control

Not-So-Smart Thinking

“Television might have had a common ancestor (broadcast TV), but today we also have cable TV, satellite TV and pay-per-view TV. Also analog and digital TV. Regular and high-definition TV. Standard (4:3) and widescreen (16:9) formats. Television didn’t converge with another medium. It diverged in response to consumer demands. … Companies today are pouring billions of dollars into such convergence concepts as smart phones, smart gas pumps, smart homes, smart watches, smart clothing, smart refrigerators, smart toilets and smart appliances. This is a tragic waste of time and money.”

Al Ries and Laura Ries

A Special Experience

“Getting the family to sit ’round the computer and watch the latest episode of Lost is unlikely to be commonplace. However, specialist TV, such as business programming, now that’s another thing. Niche information for individuals; that’s the way the Internet TV companies should go — not entertainment.’’

Graham Jones, Internet Psychologist

Reach Out and Touch Someone

“This business is no longer so much about television — at least if you think of television as the linear presentation of a program at a specific time and date. It’s about video. And it’s about video across multiple touchpoints.’’

Tim Hanlon, senior vice president of ventures, Denuo

Hook, Line and Sinker

“If you think about the amount of people that are online all day, it’s staggering. It’s an audience that’s already hooked in.”

Mark Burnett
reality TV show producer

Who’s Watching Who?

“Imagining watching the Giants game and advertisements for Giants merchandise started to appear on Web sites you visited.”

Jeremiah Owyang, Web Strategy by Jeremiah

Keep It Stupid, Stupid

“The thinking now is that it takes expensive productions to make good content. But the next generation of couch potatoes is telling them otherwise. Keep it short. Keep it stupid. Entertain me for free without bugging me about who paid for it — just make sure it’s still paid for.”

Jason Lee Miller

Life After Commercials

“There’s life after the 30-second spot, which means: There’s more out there. Traditional advertising is represented by three colors: print, TV and radio. Right now, instead of three colors, there are 93 colors out there.”

Joseph Jaffe