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See Me, Feel Me

“As 2006 saw the maturing of the read-write Web (or Web 2.0), 2007 will see the rise of the third stage of the internet’s evolution: the Hear Me See Me Web. The rise of video and audio on the Web has been phenomenal and we will see the average user’s behavior change over the next year as he/she moves from reading and writing text to consuming and generating moving image and sound.”

Guy Brighton, Trends site PSFK www.psfk.com

We’ve Heard This One Before

“If it’s a hassle for ad buyers to buy 100 TV networks, how much of a hassle do you think it’s going to be for them to buy 100 Web sites and get them audited ? What’s more, what do you think all those Web 2.0 sites who are easily selling video ad inventory today because its a nice experiment for advertisers do when they can’t sell their video inventory any longer? Or when the biggest advertisers tell them they have to work through a publisher network like Yahoo or Google in order for them to get a buy? Well, the first thing they are going to do is lower their ad prices. Which is exactly what we saw happen both on smaller digital video networks and on Web sites trying to sell display advertising. It’s history repeating itself.”

Mark Cuban, Blog Maverick, www.blogmaverick.com

You Get What You Pay For

“If Google and other advertisers can change the revenue numbers for video too, to be higher than the costs, we’ll see interesting new content created. If not, you’ll be stuck with watching kids dance.”

Robert Scoble, Scobleizer, scobleizer.com

It’s a Long Way to the Top

“Now that so much video is available online, television executives are asking if future TV programming will be delivered over the Internet, bypassing today’s traditional cable and satellite providers. This idea, known as “over-the-top TV,” faces four obstacles: lack of Internet connections to TV sets, bandwidth-limited video quality, lack of business models, and the challenge of navigating through thousands of video programs. All of these are on the way to being solved, but, even so, it will take at least five years before over-the-top TV can compete at all with cable or satellite.”

Josh Bernoff, Forrester Research, www.forrester.com

Compelling and Entertaining

“Video is a proven advertising method. We’ll sit through television ads to watch video because it’s compelling and entertaining.”

Brent Norris, WOW Technology Minute, wowtechminute.com