Virgin Media Unleashes TiVo Update

Virgin Media, the U.K.’s largest cable operator, has launched an update for its TiVo-powered platform that enhances a customer’s ability to search for and save TV shows and movies.

Among the additions is Series Link+, which lets customers assemble TV shows they like in one place, including shows from live TV, available on VOD, or from OTT services like Netflix and BBC iPlayer.

The update also adds a “smart” search for VOD and catch-up services that requires only the first letter of a show title and the system auto-fills the rest, and some visual enhancements, such as image-based tiles for VOD titles and a shift from channel numbers to channel logos. The upgrade also adds a bookmarking feature for TV, VOD and Netflix content that’s placed in a “My Show” folder.

“This update gives our box an even more intuitive intelligence while, crucially, retaining many of the familiar features  we know our customers love,” David Bouchier, chief entertainment officer at Virgin Media, said in a statement.

The MSO noted that the update comes ahead of the coming launch of a new 4K-capable, TiVo-powered box called the V6. Virgin Media hasn’t announced a launch date for the V6, but offered a sneak peek at it earlier this week.

In Q2, Virgin Media added 66,000 TiVo subs, getting it past the 3 million sub mark, or about 82% of its U.K. video base.

TiVo is merging with Rovi in a $1.1 billion deal announced in late April.