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Viewers 'Like' truTV's Facebook Promotion

Networks are using Facebook
to build an online presence, but Turner's truTV is now taking it a step further
by offering a bonus episode of the series Operation
on the social media site, reported

The network encouraged
viewers of the show to increase the number of "Likes" on the show's Facebook
page to 500,000; in return, they offered a bonus episode available on the

The page now has over 540,000
"Likes" and truTV will honor its promise and offer a full episode of Operation Repo after the first part of
the series' eighth season ends. It was not said if the episode would also be
aired on the network or on the official website.

The campaign offered an "example
of how truTV is able to activate its very loyal and engaged fan base," said
Mary Corigliano, senior vice president of brand strategy and digital content/multiplatform
development, truTV.