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Videotron Taps Into Hitron’s Gigabit Modem

Hitron Technologies Americas said its supplying the DOCSIS 3.0 model that is powering Videotron’s gigabit pilot in Montreal.

That model, the CDA3-35, can bond up to 32 D3.0 downstream channels (up to 1.2 Gbps bursts in North American DOCSIS systems that use 6MHz-wide channels), and up to eight upstream channels. The model is equipped with Intel’s Puma 6-MG DOCSIS processor and MaxLinear’s 32-channel MxL268 tuner, and is characterized to be a “drop-in and software compatible upgrades” to Hitron’s prior 16- and 24-channel D3.0 devices.

Suddenlink Communications, GCI of Alaska and Mediacom Communications are also using the Hitron model for their recently launched 1-Gig residential services. 

“The ever-increasing demand for bandwidth to support Internet-based applications and services, on-demand programming and other bandwidth-intensive services, requires us to deploy CPE that is on the cutting edge of technology,” said Videotron CTO Daniel Proulx, in a statement. “The Hitron CDA3-35 delivers the performance that enables us to provide our customers with the services they desire and the reliability they demand.”

Videotron serves about 1.77 million cable TV subs, and 1.54 million high-speed Internet customers. Its primary competitor is Bell Canada.