Videotron Hires A CIO

Videotron, the Montreal-based service provider, has appointed Pierre Bonin to the post of vice president, information technology/CIO.

Pierre will head a 500-person IT team dedicated to developing, implementing and providing support for information technologies. He will also ensure that Videotron remains at the technological cutting edge by targeting value-added opportunities and translating them into innovative strategies, the company said.

“He is a seasoned manager with in-depth knowledge of IT. His vast telecommunications and business experience will make him a valuable asset in helping Videotron, a technology leader for 50 years, implement its business plan,” said Videotron president and COO Manon Brouillette, in a statement.

Bonin, an IT and telecom industry, vet is late of companies such as Bell Canada and Microcell (Fido), a mobile sub-brand that has been a subsidiary of Rogers Wireless since 2004.

Videotron ended 2013 with 1.82 million cable TV subs, with 1.53 million on its digital platform, 503,300 mobile customers, and 1.28 million cable voice subs.