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Video Call Center Gets Facebook Nod

Video Call Center, the live call-in video technology developed by veteran cable analyst Tom Wolzien, has been accepted as a Facebook Live media solution and broadcast partner.

The first Video Call Center produced show for Facebook Live – OMGOSS!P – began airing on the platform in July 2016.   

The VCC enables producers to receive remote video call-ins from smartphones, laptops and other devices, connecting reporters, celebrities and Facebook members in broadcast-quality programs. The VCC provides comprehensive editorial control and in-depth call moderation to ensure that only the most compelling and appropriate callers make it to air. This interaction between the host and callers is accomplished without the need for an expensive control room.

“The combination of Facebook Live and the Video Call Center creates a remarkable opportunity for media companies to quickly and easily create compelling, live, programs for delivery to Facebook’s millions of members,” said Video Call Center CEO Larry Thaler in a statement. “The partnership will help to ensure seamless integration within Facebook Live so producers can focus entirely on creative content, rather than technology, and Facebook Live viewers have one click access to engage with show hosts. This is a major step forward for truly Social TV.”

The integration with Facebook Live works with any video call application, meaning callers can join live from anywhere using any device. VCC has successfully tested more than a dozen IP video calling services, including Facebook Messenger, Skype TM, FaceTime® and Gruveo (WebRTC). New apps and new distribution platforms such as support for Facebook Live are being added all the time.

With the VCC, callers become part of broadcast quality television programs for Facebook Live that combine video calls, video clips, graphics and web content, all under the direct control of a host who can be located anywhere in the world. The exclusive Caller Queue™—the world’s first “Green Room in the Cloud”—allows show producers to welcome video callers into their live caller-based television programs or video events. Scalable to support the audience of live TV programs, producers have complete creative control to bring the right people to air at the precise moment when they would contribute to create the most compelling program.