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Viacom Hires New Lobbyist

Viacom Inc. has hired recording-industry lobbyist David Sutphen to join its Washington, D.C., government-relations office. Sutphen joined Viacom's staff Thursday.

He will be in charge of the company's lobbying on intellectual property policies and reports to Carol Melton, government affairs chief.  "David is an extremely respected and effective advocate with invaluable legislative experience and excellent credentials,"  Melton said.   Sutphen has been a lobbyist with the Recording Industry Association of America since July 2002. There, he fought for the recording industry's interests in copyright, free speech, and technology-related issues.

Sutphen has also worked as a legal aide to Sen. Edward Kennedy on the Senate Judiciary Committee.  He also has been  chief of  staff for Rep. Harold Ford and a communications attorney in Washington.