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Viacom Execs Get Big Pay Hikes in 2010

Viacom CEO Philippe Dauman got a $50 million raise in 2010, as his total
compensation ballooned to $84.5 million, fueled mainly by big gains in
stock options and awards.

According to a proxy statement filed late
Friday, Dauman's total compensation in 2010 was $84.5 million, up from
the $34 million he earned in 2009. Fueling that 148.5% increase were $54
million in one-time stock options and awards. Without those one-time
incentives, Dauman's 2010 compensation would have been $30.2 million,
short of the $34 million he earned in 2009.

The one-time awards were part of a new five-year employment deal Dauman signed in April 2010.

Dauman's annual base salary rose slightly in 2010 - to $2.625 million
from $2.5 million - and his non-equity incentives decreased to $5.6
million in 2010 from $6.3 million in 2009.

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