VH1 Spreads Mobile Junk 20

VH1 Mobile launched a new application Monday that gives users the ability to upload video and photos taken with their mobile devices.

Sprint Nextel became the first carrier to offer Mobile Junk 20, which is available via the Sprint Vision and Power Vision networks.

The application joins VH1 Mobile's current Web Junk 20 offering, which includes a dedicated channel for weekly and archived video clips from the series of the same name.

“The launch of Mobile Junk 20 further extends the ways viewers can interact with our popular Web Junk 20 franchise and VH1," executive vice president and general manager Tom Calderone said in a prepared statement. "When we launched the series last January, we offered viewers a way to upload their found and created content online. Mobile Junk rounds out the experience by giving fans a way to submit and exchange the creative content they shoot with their mobile phones.”