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VH1 Launches First Celebhead With Paris Hilton

VH1 launched its second made-for-mobile series, Celebhead, a short-form parody that uses first person camera to capture celebrities' point of view. Each episode features a single star's likeness and parodies a day in the life of that celebrity. The series kicked off with Paris Hilton.

Episodes are available on VH1 Mobile, the channel's cross-carrier mobile video service, as well as on its new syndicated player, which launched in November on its broadband site, VSPOT. The player lets consumers "snag" video and place it on their own sites.

VH1 entered the made-for-mobile field earlier this year with Dingo Ate My Video, a video countdown show hosted by puppets. Yesterday, Comedy Central picked up for its TV schedule Lil' Bush, a show that began on cellphones.