VH1 Forges Social Link to ‘Hit the Floor’

VH1 is giving viewers a new way to tap into social media to discover what they loved and hated about original series Hit the Floor through a tech partnership with Canvs and Telescope.

Billed as a “Best of Social” experience, the social tilt lets fans share their emotional connections with the characters and the show, which airs Mondays at 10/9c.

VH1 booted up the social platform/widget tonight on the Web, featuring sharable content and stats and Tweets collected from last night’s episode. Fans of the show can share those “moments” as gifs, memes or as emotionally-charged tweets. VH1 said it will update that data each week following a new episode of the drama series that follows an fictitious NBA cheerleading/dance team called the Los Angeles Devil Girls. The series delivered 1.7 million total viewers in its season three debut last month.

VH1 said the socially-driven platform for Hit the Floor was developed and designed by Telescope, a company focused on real-time audience and consumer engagement technology. Also tied in is Canvs, a New York-based startup that recently raised a $5.6 million “A” round, uses Twitter data captured by Nielsen to help its partners interpret the tone and emotion of the TV viewing audience. NBCU, Sony Pictures, Fox, HBO, and Viacom are among its known partners.

"We wanted to find an innovative way to aggregate like-minded commentary from our 'Hit The Floor' fans - a very passionate, and vocal community on Twitter," said Dave Perry, VP of future TV & cross-platform innovation at VH1, in a statement.  "We use Canvs across our programs, and find it incredibly valuable - so we wanted to bring the power of its emotion-driven data to our viewers in a meaningful and unique way. By partnering with Canvs and Telescope to build this activation, 'Hit the Floor' fans can now find the craziest, hottest, and most OMG comments and moments and easily share them with their friends."