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VH1 Classic Launches Website

Classic music fans worldwide will have a new online music video website starting Monday provided by VH1.  The new will play classics from the 70’s, 80’s, and early 90’s, and feature thousands of videos, exclusive performances (from VH1 Classics) and other programs from the channel.

The artists available range from David Bowie and The Sex Pistols, to Janet Jackson and Pearl Jam. Interviews with artists like Kiss and shows such as Hanging With and  VH1 Rock Honors will be broadcast.

People using the site will also be able to enjoy "old school" online games such as Spy Hunter and have the ability to download their favorite VH1 classic ring tones.
There will be a large variety of video play lists, highlighting certain sub genres of music. Sample play lists will include titles such as "metal mania" and "Pop Show".

The site also focuses on fan interaction and user-generated content.  Tools will be established within the website for fans to comment on, review, rate and blog on their favorite classic music topics. 

 "We know that VH1 Classics fans are passionate about their music and our programming around that music…because of this, we have been expanding Classic’s online presence over the last year-first with a dedicated broadband video channel and now with a new site that will evolve over the next few months to include not only our extensive catalog of music, but elements that will give fans the means to develop a strong online community around the music they love," said Tom Calderone, Executive VP and GM of VH1, in a statement.