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Verizon Zero-Rates Fios Mobile App Data

Verizon said Fios TV subs can now use the Fios Mobile app to watch live TV and on-demand content, and access DVR recordings without eating into their data plans if they also get mobile phone service from the carrier.

Verizon recently joined rivals by adding an unlimited mobile data option, but said the new data plan exempt capability brings more value to mobile tiers that are outfitted with monthly data plans.

The Fios Mobile App currently provides access to 140-plus live TV channels for viewing outside the home.

AT&T currently zero-rates DirecTV Now traffic that travels AT&T’s mobile network.

The FCC, under new chairman Ajit Pai, recently tossed out the Wireless Bureau's advisory that AT&T’s zero-rated policy for DirecTV Now likely violates the FCC’s Open Internet order.