Verizon Wires Trump Buildings With FiOS Internet

Verizon still isn’t marketing its FiOS products in New York City, but the telco struck a deal with real estate giant Donald Trump which could boost its branding strategy in Manhattan.

Verizon said Wednesday that it wired two of Trump’s buildings -- The Trump World Tower at United Nations Plaza and Trump Park Avenue – with its FiOS Internet service. The telco, which is competing with Time Warner Cable in Manhattan, isn’t yet offering its FiOS TV service at the Trump buildings.

Trump and Verizon said they are exploring which other Trump properties can be served by FiOS. Verizon markets FiOS in parts of 16 states.

“Trump properties are known for offering the finest in both services and amenities. Having Verizon FiOS services delivered on fiber optics to my buildings continues that high standard of excellence I demand,” Trump said in Wednesday’s announcement. “We know our residents will appreciate our foresight in getting them the best in telecommunications services from Verizon. I'm working with Verizon to bring FiOS to all of my properties.”

FiOS Internet offers download speeds up to 50 Mbps, which would allow a subscriber to download a 90-minute, standard definition movie in 3.2 minutes, according to Verizon.

Verizon has been slow to offer FiOS TV and FiOS Internet in New York City. The telco has focused most of its FiOS deployments to date in Long Island and New York suburbs in New Jersey and New York’s Westchester County, where its main cable rival is Cablevision Systems.