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Verizon Wireless Plugs College Pigskin Lineup

Verizon Wireless is promising to let sports fans in about 30 markets watch more than 100 live college football games this season -- including 20 bowl games -- on tiny little mobile-phone screens.

The games, available to V Cast Mobile TV subscribers, are scheduled to air on the mobile channels from CBS, ESPN, Fox and NBC. Verizon Wireless offers the live mobile TV service through Qualcomm’s MediaFLO USA subsidiary.

The bulk of the games will be available on ESPN Mobile TV, set to air more than 75 live matchups. CBS Mobile will include up to 15 Southeastern Conference games, the Sun Bowl and Gator Bowl, and up to 38 additional college football games through CSTV on CBS Mobile. Fox Mobile will carry Big 12 games, and NBC will air seven Notre Dame games.

V CAST Mobile TV plans range from $13 per month for only Fox, NBC and CBS channels to a $25 monthly plan for eight channels and access to video-on-demand.

The service is now available in about 30 markets, including New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Atlanta and Las Vegas.

Verizon Wireless noted that all college-football programming is subject to change and blackout restrictions.

Since launching in March 2007, V CAST Mobile TV has aired hundreds of hours of live sporting events, including U.S. Open golf, Major League Soccer, NASCAR racing and Wimbledon tennis.

The live broadcasts are delivered over a dedicated wireless spectrum operated by MediaFLO, separate from Verizon Wireless’ wireless voice and data network.