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Verizon Targets Another Cablevision Town

Posing new competition for Cablevision Systems, Verizon won a video franchise for its FiOS TV service in Centre Island, N.Y.

The Centre Island Board of Trustees granted a video franchise to Verizon on Thursday. Verizon now counts video franchises in 68 communities in New York State.

“We are thrilled to be able to bring FiOS TV to residents in Centre Island,” Monica Azare, Verizon senior vice president for New York and Connecticut, said in Friday’s announcement. “As a result of this franchise, consumers in this Long Island community will be able to choose their cable provider as easily as they choose their phone company. Competition like this drives innovation and value, and puts the consumer in control.”

Cablevision continues to lose basic cable subscribers in Long Island and other towns in New Jersey and Westchester where Verizon has launched FiOS TV. Cablevision stock hit a 52-week low on Thursday after it reported a loss of 16,000 basic cable subscribers during the third quarter.