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Verizon’s FiOS Tops Consumer Reports Survey

Verizon’s FiOS services are anointed as the superior scoring telecommunications products in the annual Consumer Reports survey on the sector in its February edition.

According to the publication, FiOS received high scores for reliability and performance for its Internet, TV and telephone services. The magazine noted that those services are not available nationally so consumers “should consider other options for those services.”

According the consumer survey, higher scoring cable operators include Cox Communications, Bright House Networks and WideOpenWest.

Satellite providers DirecTV scored significantly higher than its satellite rival, Dish Network, and cable companies, according to the magazine.

Among Internet service providers, WOW and Bright House did well in Consumer Reports ratings, as did DSL service provider Cincinnati Bell. The latter had high marks for value and reliability. Verizon did not fare as well in this category -- its DSL service got an average score for value, reliability and support but lagged in scores for performance, according to magazine readers.

Voice-over-Internet-protocol scored higher than landline telephone service in the survey, even though the latter is still more reliable in case of emergencies, according to the magazine. Cox was a telephone leader due to its reliability and performance. VoIP provider Skype was noted for superior value but scores were worse than average for reliability and performance in the survey.