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Verizon Reaches Out With Sino Television Pact

Verizon and Sino Television, Inc. have reached a multiyear pact for three Chinese-language networks to air on the telco's FiOS TV service.
This week, FiOS will launch the first of those channels, Sino TV. Deal terms and the other two networks were not disclosed.
Sino Television, a Chinese-language television company that is based, owned and operated in the U.S., offers a wide range of programming to meet the needs of Chinese-Americans in the country, including news, dramas, movies, variety shows and call-in programs.
"FiOS TV is the ultimate home-entertainment experience, and we continue to enhance the service with exciting, new international programming," said Terry Denson, vice president, FiOS TV content and programming, in a statement. "Sino Television will make a great addition for our growing number of Chinese-American subscribers, bringing the best in Chinese programming to customers' TV screens, with razor-sharp picture-and-sound quality that only FiOS delivers."
Added Sino Television president Arthur Liu: "We have been successfully working with Verizon over the years in reaching out to the Chinese-American public, informing them of the phone services that Verizon provides. We are excited to now have our television programming on Verizon FiOS TV, and look forward to our successful business relationship with Verizon in the years to come. Now, Chinese-Americans have the opportunity and the convenience to pick a provider that can offer the best in phone, Internet and television services."