Verizon Puts Down 'Furniture' In Retail Outlet

Verizon Communications Inc. is wedding furniture and FiOS in a new marketing effort.

The telecommunications company has formed an alliance with the Jordan's Furniture chain in Massachusetts, creating a Verizon Lifestyle store within the retailer's location in Reading. The lifestyle store will market voice, Internet and video services, which shoppers can sample from the comfort of Jordan's furniture.

Going forward, Verizon kiosks will be positioned within other Jordan outlets in Reading, Boston, Natick and Avon.

The co-marketing agreement is similar to a strategy utilized major cable operators, such as a partnership between Circuit City and Comcast in the Boston market, to bring a more home-like experience in the retail environment.

A division of Berkshire Hathaway, Jordan’s is the largest furniture retailer in the New England, according to the company.

The furniture chain also owns IMAX theaters in Reading and Natick, and a Motion Odyssey Theater in Avon. As part of the marketing agreement, Verizon has been granted naming rights to those theaters.