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Verizon Offers Mix-And-Match FiOS Bundles

Verizon is breaking apart its "good-better-best" FiOS triple-play bundles.

The telco announced Monday it will let customers mix services to customize their bundles with different TV and broadband options, upgrading individual elements for an additional $5 to $10 per month off a basic $100 voice, video and data package.

For example, consumers who want basic TV (233 TV channels with more than 50 in HD) but faster broadband can upgrade from 15 Mbps downstream/5 Mbps upstream in the $100 base bundle to 25/25 Mbps for $5 more per month or 35/35 Mbps for $10 more per month.

Those who prefer more TV can keep 15/5 Mbps and for an extra $10 per month ($110 per month) upgrade to FiOS TV service with 324 channels including 80 in HD. For $10 per month more ($119.99 per month), customer will receive 391 channels with more than 100 in HD.

"For some customers, broadband Internet speed is more important than a lot of TV options; for others, robust TV rules the household; and some customers want it all," Verizon chief marketing officer for consumer and business services Mike Ritter said in announcing the options. "Now, our FiOS customers have more options for personalizing their Internet or TV services to satisfy all their needs."

Each of the bundles includes FiOS Digital Voice with unlimited calling in the U.S., Canada and Puerto Rico. Verizon will continue to offer a triple-play bundle with 35/35 Mbps and 391 TV channels for $129.99 per month.

Verizon offers faster FiOS Internet tiers -- 50 Mbps down and 20 up, and 150/35 Mbps -- but bundle discounts are not available with those.

None of the bundle prices include fees for set-tops or DVRs, premium channels, other customer preferences, or local taxes and fees. Base pricing may vary from market to market, as does the total number of HD channels, Verizon said.

All new FiOS-only choices include Verizon's Worry-Free Guarantee of no term contract requirement, a premium installation and in-home demonstration.

According to Verizon, for a limited time, customers who order online will receive a $10 per month discount on a triple-play bundle. Verizon Wireless customers adding a new FiOS bundle or FiOS customers adding a qualifying Verizon Wireless calling plan can receive up to a $10 per month discount on their bundle. Verizon's One Bill and a two-year contract are also required for the additional discount.

Hispanic households can also customize bundles, starting with Verizon's La Conexion and Spanish-language bundles. More info is available at Verizon's new Spanish-language FiOS site,