Verizon FiOS1 New Jersey To Add Segments From Newspaper Reporters

Verizon's local news channel serving New Jersey will feature segments from Garden State newspaper reporters, beginning next week.
Verizon's FiOS1 New Jersey channel will present segments from journalists working for The Record, the Herald News and other North Jersey Media Group publications. The reporters, columnists, editors and other journalists are expected to make regular appearance on the telco's local channel, starting on Oct. 11.
A mini-studio, which is being set up in The Record's newsroom, will enable the newspaper's editorial staff to provide up-to-the-minute reports and commentary. The studio will also provide a window into the newsroom, enabling viewers to watch journalists at work.
"We're looking forward to having journalists from The Record, and other reporters from its organization, play an integral role in our FiOS1 programming," said Michelle Webb, general manager and chief programming officer, Verizon FiOS1, in a statement ."This partnership will bring viewers another team of experienced reporters and photographers who aim to give New Jerseyans cutting-edge news, events and commentary as it unfolds in the state. This collaboration benefits our viewership immeasurably."
Noted The Record editor Frank Scandale: "The marriage of television and our news operation will provide yet another way North Jerseyans can get the latest information and have their favorite writers explain it to them in a way they haven't experienced before. It's a natural extension of what we do every day, and will complement our print and online offerings."

Verizon also has FiOS1 channels for Long Island and the metropolitan Washington, D.C., areas.