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Verizon FiOS Stays Atop Netflix ISP Rankings

Verizon FiOS retained its crown as the speediest major U.S. ISP as viewed through the Netflix lens, producing an average Netflix streaming speed of 3.55 Mbps during primetime hours for the month of April.  

According to the latest Netflix’s ISP Speed Index (opens in new tab), Cox Communications was next, with an average of 3.49 Mbps, just enough to edge past Cablevision Systems (3.48 Mbps).

Netflix noted in a blog post (opens in new tab) that streaming speeds over Cox’s network has been steadily increasing, up from 3.11 Mbps in November 2014.

Among other movers, Time Warner Cable (3.29 Mbps) jumped one spot, to No. 7, swapping places with Mediacom Communications (3.26 Mbps).

AT&T-DSL (2.32 Mbps) and CenturyLink (2.30 Mbps) also jumped two spots, while Frontier Communications (2.28 Mbps) dropped one slot, to number 13, and Windstream Communications (2.25 Mbps) dropped three spots, to No. 14, putting it ahead of only Verizon-DSL and Clearwire.

In Netflix’s expanded results for the U.S., Google Fiber (3.63 Mbps) continued to top all ISPs, outpacing Grande Communication, Verizon FiOS, EPB, CDE Lightband, and Midcontinent Communications.

Netflix historically has used its monthly ISP speed rankings to push Open Connect, its private content delivery network that relies on edge caching devices. The OTT video giant, however, has agreed to paid interconnection deals with four major U.S. ISPs -- Verizon, Comcast, AT&T and Time Warner (Bright House Networks is benefiting from the TWC-Netflix deal), and recently struck a non-paid interconnection deal with Mediacom.