Verizon FiOS Expands International Slate

Verizon Communications said FiOS TV is boosting the amount of channels offered in Cantonese with the intro of the TVB Package, a service that features programming from TVB (USA), the U.S. subsidiary TVB Group, the Hong Kong-based distributor of Chinese-language TV programs.

The package, which runs $37.99 per month, features the following:

-TVB1 (Channel 1792): Includes popular TVB dramas; daily Hong Kong, U.S. and world news; financial reports, current event talk shows, and lifestyle and travel programs.

-TVB2 (Channel 1793): In addition to daily satellite-fed Hong Kong, U.S. and world news, programming also includes children’s and travel shows, music varieties, highly-rated dramas and situation comedies.

-TVBe (Channel 1794): Entertainment-news reports, daily market analysis and TVBN news reports; hit dramas, reality series and magazine shows about celebrities, medicine and health; Feng Shui fortune-telling, home improvement, technology, travel, and food and music.

“We make it our goal to deliver the best home-entertainment experience for all of our customers,” said Oscar Madrid, Verizon’s multicultural marketing director, in a statement “Adding the full complement of TVB’s U.S. Cantonese channels within the TVB Package provides a better TV- entertainment experience for the whole family and helps our customers connect to what’s happening in-language.”

Verizon said its FiOS TV service offers over 40 international programming options, including Brazilian, German, French, Greek, Israeli, and Italian, as well as 75 Spanish-language stations.