Verizon Debuts Quadruple Play

Verizon Communications Tuesday rolled out six new multiservice plans, including a quadruple-play bundle, dubbed Ultimate Freedom, which provides phone, Internet, TV and wireless service from Verizon Wireless for $134.99-$144.99 per month.

At least initially, the TV service included in the bundles will be provided by direct-broadcast satellite provider DirecTV rather than Verizon’s own FiOS TV service. The phone service is Verizon’s unlimited calling plan, called Freedom Essential, and Internet service is through the telco’s digital-subscriber-line offering of up to 3 megabits per second.

The Verizon Double Freedom plans provide three different two-service combinations priced from $64.99-$74.99 per month, with discounts ranging from $7.99-$14.99 per month compared with separately purchased services, depending on market and the combination of services purchased, according to the company.

Verizon’s Triple Freedom bundle includes the unlimited calling plan and DSL service with either an existing Verizon Wireless calling plan or DirecTV service. The triple-play bundle is priced from $94.99-$104.99 per month, and savings range from $17.98-$27.98 per month.

The quadruple-play Ultimate Freedom plan will provide monthly savings of up to $27.97 per month, Verizon said.

"Our new plans crack the code on simplicity and value," Verizon Telecom chief marketing officer Bob Ingalls said in a prepared statement. "With these new packages, we lead the market on choice, value and quality … By adding Verizon Wireless, consumers can have the convenience of all of their services on a single bill and trigger great savings, too.”

Verizon said it had already started testing bundled services in Florida and Texas that include calling plans from Verizon Wireless. The wireless-calling plan included in the bundles is $39.95 per month, which includes 450 anytime minutes plus unlimited night and weekend minutes. The DirecTV service in the bundle is the Total Choice package priced at $44.99 per month, which includes 155 TV channels and 50 XM Satellite Radio music channels.

The plans are available now throughout Verizon's landline service areas -- encompassing 28 states and the District of Columbia -- with the exception of Vermont, Nevada, Arizona and Washington state. The company said it will soon make the multiplay bundle offers in Washington.