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Verizon To Build FiOS TV Hub In Washington State

Verizon Communications announced plans Thursday to establish a regional video hub office in Everett, Wash., that the company said will be a “key component” of its plans enter the video market in the state.

Verizon is currently negotiating with various cities and counties in Washington state to obtain local video franchises, where it would compete primarily against Comcast.

The telco said that once it is authorized to offer FiOS TV, the new Everett-area video hub office (VHO) will receive national programming via fiber-optic connections from Verizon's two "super-headend" facilities. The VHO also will insert local programming, such as local broadcast and public-education and government channels, as well as advertising.

At the end of 2007, Verizon had passed more than 137,000 Washington homes with the fiber-to-the-home network.