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Verizon To Bring 'Concierge' Service To 13,000 D.C.-Area Apartments

Verizon announced a deal with property management firm Kettler Management to bring to Concierge -- software that lets residents access various building services -- to 54 FiOS-enabled properties in the Washington, D.C., area representing more than 13,000 living units.

Each of Kettler's 54 properties will get a customized Verizon Concierge platform with access to the property's available amenities and the surrounding services, such as delivery and visitor management.

Verizon Concierge also lets a building's occupants communicate with each other to set up carpools or clubs; schedule property amenities; set up services from local businesses such as dry cleaners and taxis; make reservations at a local restaurant or place a takeout order; and enter a maintenance request to have facilities management fix or replace items.

"We're impressed with how FiOS helps to differentiate our properties, and now we'll be able to offer our residents even more: the digital lifestyle," Kettler Management vice president of Internet marketing and business development Laurel Howell said in a statement.

Verizon Concierge can be accessed via a building's customized Web page. The service also is available via mobile application for several popular smartphones, and will be soon via a FiOS TV widget, according to Verizon.

For Kettler's property managers, the Verizon Concierge system provides tracking notifications throughout the process. In the event of an emergency, the system can instantly send a simultaneous voice call to up to five specified phone numbers per building resident.

Kettler Management, founded in 1977, is among the largest private real estate and property management companies based in the D.C. metro area and one of the U.S.'s top 20 multifamily developers.