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Veria TV Unveils New Name, Logo

Wellness proponent Veria TV is bringing life to a new name and attitude in this lifestyle sector.
Focused on quality and vitality of life, Veria Living is supplanting Veria TV. The rechristening, which is being officially announced today, is also accompanied by a new look. Featuring a newly created life cycle image, the logo, showcasing sunshine yellow and tangerine orange, integrates Eastern influence with Western design, according to network officials. They say the move is about "pop wellness," with the new slogan "Go Well," succeeding its predecessor, "Your Life Naturally."

Wellness, in its various forms, is an estimated $170 billion industry, according to Veria Living officials, who are looking to secure more than a toehold in this wide category via programming that espouses the benefits and joys of living a healthy lifestyle. Meanwhile, complements the network through online recipes and nutrition, holistic health tips, body-mind conditioning and all-natural products.

These rebranding elements will be incorporated on the revised website that will launch in November, as well as on-air around such original programming as The Incurables, hosted by recording artist Jewel and Sports Dads with Pro Football Hall of Famer Deion Sanders.
Part of Asia TV USA Ltd, which also operates the Zee Channels here in the States, Veria Living will be phased in over the months ahead and into next year.
Initially, the programmer plans to spread the news about its new logo, look and slogan via business-to-business messaging, word of mouth and presentations at MIPCOM, where it's selling Veria's wellness catalogue, which encompasses some 1,000 episodes, and at next month's CTAM in New York meeting.

Naturally, the network plans to continue distribution discussions with international and Stateside providers. Currently, Veria is carried by Dish Network, Verizon FiOS and Frontier Communications in the U.S.
Indian media mogul Subhash Chandra, whose Zee TV programming in its various iterations is now seen in 167 nations and who founded Veria as a way to promote wellness in the U.S. market, said Asia TV USA continues to negotiate with providers. In an interview in the company's New York headquarters last week, Chandra expressed confidence that Veria would sign distribution pacts with Cablevision and Comcast "pretty soon."
Asia TV marketing head Vibha Chopra said Veria Living's initial rebranding efforts would be supplemented by a viral campaign because the "programming lends itself to that space." Digital ads and commercials, via cross- channel, will then ensue, she said, with the campaign extending well into 2012.
Chandra said "the time has come to make some noise. We want to let consumers know that this programming exists, so they can voice their interest to providers."