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Venetis resigns from Adelphia

Peter Venetis resigned Friday as a director of Adelphia Business Solutions Inc.,
the competitive-local-exchange-carrier subsidiary of deeply troubled
MSO Adelphia Communications Corp.

Venetis, son-in-law of Adelphia founder John Rigas,
resigned last month from the board of Adelphia while maintaining that he had done
nothing wrong.

According to a Securities and Exchange Commission filing amending ABS' 8K
financial statement, Venetis had apparently survived a July 22 meeting of the
board of ABS in which John Rigas and his sons -- James, Michael and Timothy -- had
all resigned. Venetis was listed among the four remaining directors.

Two days later, the Rigases would be arrested on fraud charges.

By July 26, however, ABS amended its SEC filing yet again to say that Venetis
had also resigned.

The pattern follows the board resignations from the parent company in June,
when Venetis held on past his in-laws until finally exiting.