USA Series Characters Join ‘SocialSamba' Platform

SocialSamba, the new social networking platform for scripted characters, has launched with initial customers including USA Network series Psych and Covert Affairs.
SocialSamba's patent-pending technology lets fans "friend" characters from TV, movies and consumer products, enhancing engagement with the brand. Entertainment and media content creators license SocialSamba's software to script and playback interactive experiences. Fans can experience them privately or share them with their friends.
Just launched is the new experience from Psych, called #HashtagKiller ( The story spans seven episodes, taking fans into the Psych agency as Shawn and Gus's new assistant, giving them the opportunity to participate in tracking the killer and solving the crimes.
In the first 12 hours of being online, more than 13,000 unique visitors visited, the provider said. Of those visitors, 10,000 signed up for the game. The website has been fielding up to 6,000 requests per minute. The average time users spent on the site is more than 12.5 minutes. And 22% of visitors returned at least once within the first 12 hours.
SocialSamba pre-launched earlier this year with Covert Affairs, which debuted through Facebook and on USA's website. In the first six weeks after launch, the story reached 4 million impressions with 12% of users returning to the story 10 or more times, spending more than six minutes per visit.