Urbanites Prefer Their TiVos

New York— When it comes to advanced digital services, urban residents are more likely to have a digital video recorder or a TiVo service than consumers in the nation at large.

According to data from Horowitz Associates Inc.’s State of Broadband Urban Markets VII study, 13% of urban consumers have a DVR, versus 12% of national consumers. Similarly, 13% of urban residents have a TiVo, compared with only 12% of folks nationwide.

Conversely, the seventh edition of the study series indicated that urban consumers trail their national counterparts by 19% to 21% relative to owning high-definition TV sets, as well as when it comes to actually having HD service (8% to 9% for the broader marketplace).

The penetration rate among urban residents is also lagging in terms of access to movies on demand (14% to 18%) and free on-demand services (8% to 9%).

Research, which was presented here Tuesday morning at Horowitz Associates’ 6th Annual Forum on Multicultural Media for Multicultural America, also provided a technology profile of urban consumers. Here, this group outpaced their national counterparts on every front: 28% vs. 26% with big-screen TVs; 35% to 30% relative to gaming consoles; 68% to 67% with cell phones; 18% to 17% for those with Web-enabled mobile phones; and 25% to 18% in terms of owning mobile video devices.

Among all Hispanics interviewed, 15% have a package of Hispanic channels, while 19% are interested in buying one.

Horowitz conducted 1,359 interviews.