UpRamp Extends Bridge to CableLabs Patents

UpRamp, an accelerator initiative introduced by CableLabs in February that's billed as an “executive MBA for startups,” said it has opened the R&D organization’s patents to program participants.

“Every company that enters the Fiterator will be granted a non-exclusive, royalty-free license to all CableLabs patents, with annual mutual renewal option,” Scott Brown, managing director of UpRamp, and head of technology outreach at CableLabs, explained in this blog post.

CableLabs lists its granted patents here. Patents granted to CableLabs in 2016 include those describing a “Method and system of advertising;” “Offer Inclusion For Over The Top (OTT) Content;” and “Multiple-Input Multiple-Output (MIMO) Communication System.”

As noted on the UpRamp site, Fiterator is a next-gen startup accelerator in the form of a three-month, non-resident program that “combines C-level mentorship from the industry with over $120k in available financing.”

“Unlike traditional startup accelerators,” it adds, “the outcome of your time in the Fiterator is actual deals & references from Fortune 1000 customers.”

Providing access to CableLabs’s intellectual property, Brown wrote, “gives any graduate of the Fiterator ‘freedom to operate’ within the scope of these highly relevant technologies. It doesn’t give you the right to go out and act like a patent troll, but it does give you IP protections to operate within some of these interesting technology areas.”

Applications for UpRamp’s Fiterator program are open through May 13.