UPN posts fall lineup

United Paramount Network announced two new dramas Thursday morning, including a remake of The Twilight Zone, and a new comedy for its first fall season under Viacom Inc. and CBS

It also jettisoned its old logo for a new, blue, stylized brand identifier.

Canceled was The Hughleys.

New shows are:

The Twilight Zone, the supernatural anthology series hosted by Rod Serling
for CBS (1959 through 1964), will be hosted by Forest Whitaker, and it will air Wednesdays at
9 p.m. following Enterprise.

Haunted, starring Matthew Fox (Party of Five) as a private eye,
who, after a near-death experience, finds that the newly dead can contact him to
help them solve crimes, will air at 9 p.m. Tuesdays following Buffy the
Vampire Slayer

Half and Half, a sitcom starring Rachel True and Essence Atkins as
half-sisters who barely know each other before they begin living together, will
air at 9:30 p.m. at part of UPN's Monday-night lineup of situation comedies that
focus on African-American audiences.

New programming chief Dawn Ostroff and Les Moonves, CBS president and chief
executive, stressed UPN's need to build "companion piece" series for established

The schedule is as follows:

Monday: 8 p.m., The Parkers; 8:30 p.m., One on One; 9 p.m.,
Girlfriends; 9:30 p.m., Half and Half.

Tuesday: 8 p.m.,
Buffy; 9 p.m., Haunted.

Wednesday: 8 p.m.,
Enterprise; 9 p.m., Twilight Zone.

Thursday: 8 p.m.,
WWE Smackdown! (formerly WWF Smackdown).

Friday: 8 p.m.,
UPN Movie Friday.