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UPN picks up three for fall

UPN has picked up for the fall two action pilots, Kamelot and The

It also has picked up 20th Century Fox TV's Vegas Dick as a
presentation pilot, possibly to be expanded later.

Kamelot is about a young King Arthur ruling over a
futuristic kingdom.

It will be produced by Miramax Television and Abandon Entertainment, with Wes
Craven, Ron Milbauer and Terri Hughes executive-producing.

The pilot commitment is contingent upon the studio finding the right
showrunner, however.

Milbauer and Hughes will write.

The Edge, about two young FBI graduates solving crimes on the Mexican
border, also comes from 20th Century Fox TV.

Scott Vila and Matthew Carnahan will executive-produce and Carnahan, who also
writes Fox's Fastlane, will write.

Neil Mortiz, Marty Adelstein and Dawn Parouse will executive-produce Vegas
, with Rich Wilkes, of action films XXX and XXX2,
co-executive-producing and writing.

In Vegas Dick, a former con
man attempts to go straight, working as an in-house detective in a