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UPN orders Monday-night extras

UPN has ordered additional episodes of each of its four Monday-night
comedies, UPN Entertainment president Dawn Ostroff said Tuesday.

The network ordered three extra episodes of The Parkers and
Girlfriends and one extra episode of One on One and Half &

"Thanks to these four terrific shows, UPN is having one of its best Monday
performances in the history of this network, and these additional episodes will
help us to keep that momentum going through the year," Ostroff said.

Monday night is the one bright spot on UPN's schedule, delivering the night's
highest ratings for the network since fall 1995.

Meanwhile, The WB Television Network has cut back its order of two shows, Thursday-night
comedies Do Over and Family Affair, by three episodes each.

A spokesman said the network needed to reduce its schedule somewhere in order
to purchase the remaining six episodes of Grounded for Life from Fox.

Over at Fox, the network still hasn't decided what to do with Friday night's
Firefly, created by Buffy the Vampire Slayer's Joss Whedon, but
the network has ordered two more episodes, keeping the ratings-challenged show
on the schedule for now.