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UPN builds ad options, but no bugs

UPN is going to give a handful of advertisers a number of value-added incentives this season, but don't look for the network to be selling off its ID bug.

Sources within UPN confirm that the network is finalizing a $30 million deal with media buyer Omnicom Group that will give a handful of advertisers value-added incentives like product placement in UPN shows during the 2001-2002 season. The Omnicom clients in the deal include McDonald's, Cingular Wireless, Gillette, Sony, State Farm Insurance and Universal Pictures.

Sources say the ad deal will allow the advertisers participation in UPN sweepstakes, billboard ads, on-air promotions and even product placement. Omnicom and UPN had no comment on the deal.

On reports that the network would allow a sponsor like McDonald's to place its logo in the corner of UPN shows, one network source said "that will never happen, it was an erroneous story." - Joe Schlosser