Upfronts 2017: GSN Doubles Down on Core Game Shows

GSN said its 2017 upfront plans include adding a new original primetime game show Emogenius, renewing freshmen gamers Divided and Winsanity for second seasons and tacking Hollywood Game Night and Cash Cab to the schedule via licensing. Winsanity, hosted by Donald Faison, will get a format tweak before returning this summer, adding more players to the mix, the network said. GSN also plans to add interactive quiz game features employing Megaphone TV tech.

The network, owned by AT&T Entertainment and Sony Pictures Entertainment, said it is building on viewer growth, saying it added almost 15 million new viewers in 2016 (via Nielsen) and that GSN originals got more than 33 million social engagements, an 83% increase over 2015. Its GSN Now app, offering selected programming for mobile viewing, is now on the App Store and on Google Play.

“The continued success of our game shows proves there is an audience that is craving fun, feel-good entertainment,” Amy Introcaso-Davis, GSN’s executive VP of programming and development, said in a release. “We are sure-fire escape for everyone in the family.”

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