Upfronts 2015: Estrella TV to Launch Multichannel Network Fenomeno Studios

At Estrella TV’s upfront presentation Wednesday, the network announced plans to launch multichannel network Fenomeno Studios.

Fenomeno Studios will have a facility in Burbank, Calif. and a collection of YouTube talent for incubation. Featuring a variety of verticals, Fenomeno will be a talent development platform for crossovers to TV.

“We were thrilled with clients’ response to Fenomeno Studios and all of the incredible programs we will be launching for the new season ” said Winter Horton, COO, Liberman Broadcasting, which owns Estrella TV.

The network also announced new programs En La Lucha (a showcase of rising political stars for millennials), iTestigo (a citizen reporter series featuring user-generated content with a host providing commentary) and an unnamed comedy talk show staring Consuelo Duval.