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UnivisionGoes Live with UVideos

In a bid to tap into the heavy usage of online and mobile
video by Hispanics, Univision Communications has launched UVideos, a bilingual
digital network targeting that will offer a wide range of the company's content
on multiple devices.

The content, which includes the popular Televisa programming
airing on Univision, is available via and the UVideos mobile app on
iOS and Android compatible devices.

Content on UVideos is available for free, generally 24 hours
after airing.

As part of an upfront deal between Univision and the Starcom
Mediavest Group (SMG), UVideos launched on October 29th with a
number of SMG advertisers, including Allstate, Microsoft and Wendy's.

"UVideos offers a compelling new way for U.S. Hispanics to connect
with Univision Networks and watch their favorite shows anytime, anywhere, while
also creating new opportunities for advertisers and distributors," said Kevin
Conroy, president of Univision Interactive and Enterprise Development, in a
statement. "It provides our audience with new ways to experience their favorite
programming, and engage new viewers, many of whom prefer English language
experiences, with easy access to the best story telling on television."

In announcing the service, Univision also unveiled new
research conducted by Nielsen that found "more than one-third of
Spanish-speaking U.S. Hispanic consumers say that the ability to consume
content on multiple devices when and where it is convenient are among the most
important factors when considering a digital video service."

The research also found that "more than 60 percent of
Spanish-speaking U.S. Hispanic consumers surveyed said they like to share clips
with friends online. Similarly, more than 60 percent of those consumers
surveyed said they have a desire for more Spanish-language digital video

As part of the launch, the company is premiering "Te
Presento a Valentin" (I Present You, Valentine), the first webnovela
co-produced by Univision and Televisa, on the new digital network.

The and the UVideos mobile app also include a time-syncing
feature powered by Arktan and Digitalsmiths is providing search and
recommendation functionality.