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UnivisionSurvey Paints a Picture Of Hispanic Millennials

millennials is important for any advertisers using English-language media, and
the same goes for advertisers using Spanish-language media as well. There are
15 million Hispanic millennials in the U.S. and they make up 21% of the total
population of 18-34 year olds in the country.

Univision, in
partnership with research company Burke, conducted a survey of Hispanic
millennials to develop an overview of the age group and find out how best to connect
with them. Burke developed the Cultural Connection Index (CCI), a tool that
measures whether a respondent has a high, medium or low connection to various
aspects of their culture.

The survey
found that a majority of Hispanic millennials have a strong connection to their
culture. In fact, 62% of Hispanic millennials have a high or medium CCI and the
study found that one of the ways this connection is expressed is through
self-identification: Two-thirds of Hispanic millennials identify themselves as
Hispanic. If you apply that to the high CCI Hispanic millennial group, that
number jumps to 89%.

The survey
shows that even when Hispanic millennials live in the U.S. for many years, they
continue to retain the cultural connection: 40% of high CCI Hispanic
millennials have lived in the U.S. for more than 10 years.

The study also
shows that cultural connection includes passing on family traditions to
children; observing those traditions, customs and holidays; and enjoying
traditional Latino meals. More than 50% of Hispanic millennials listed cultural
practices as being of high priority. Once again, when just high CCI Hispanic
millennials are broken out from the entire group, the percentage can rise by as
much as 30%.

The study also
found that culturally connected Hispanic millennials are deeply engaged with
technology. They own more smartphones (81% compared to 71% of the total
Hispanic millennial population) and more tablets (27% to 24%), and they are
more active with them as well. In the past three months, high CCI Hispanic
millennials were more likely to download TV shows to their devises (23% vs. 17%
on smartphones, and 20% vs. 18% on tablets). High CCI Hispanic millennials also
averaged two more streams of movies over the past three months than the total
Hispanic millennial population.

finding of the survey was that Hispanic millennials are active brand
experimenters, using digital media to help them make choices-71% of the total
Hispanic millennial population said they are "extremely comfortable" using the
Internet to find out more information on brands and products. The study also
suggests that high CCI Hispanic millennials are more open to hearing from
brands. Of the high CCI group, 57% say they often sign up for email or text
messages from brands, vs. 43% of the total Hispanic millennial population. They
are also more likely to share information about brands via social media
platforms and go online to research a product after having seen a TV commercial
about it.

The study
found that the Spanish language remains important to how Hispanic millennials
connect to and watch media. Of the total Hispanic millennial population, 85%
speak Spanish, and 79% of high CCI Hispanic millennials say its the primary
language they speak at home, with 66% saying they use Spanish to make new

High CCI
Hispanic millennials also watch TV in Spanish across different genres. They are
much more likely than other Hispanics to watch novelas, which are strongly
linked to Hispanic culture, but are also watching dramas, news, celebrity news
and talk shows.

And soccer
still remains the most watched sport on Spanish language television, with half
of all Hispanics millennials having watched at least one soccer match during
the last six months.