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Univision Survey: Hispanics More Loyal to National Brands

A new survey produced by Univision and AMG Strategic
Advisors finds that Hispanics are more loyal to national brands than the
general population, and are more than twice as likely to switch back to
national brands when their financial situation improves.

Other findings of the survey are that Hispanics tend to shop
together as a family, are heavy users of digital and social media, use media
and technology to help with grocery shopping, spend more on food with a higher
average monthly food budget than the general population, prefer to be reached
by marketers at least some of the time in their native language and are
optimistic despite economic challenges.

The survey, titled "The Why? Behind the Hispanic
Buy," sampled 1,012 Hispanic shoppers via AMG parent company Acosta
Sales & Marketing's proprietary ShopperF1rst online and face-to-face
interviews, which were available to respondents in both Spanish and English

Such surveys have great importance and immediacy, given that
they shed light on Hispanic consumers. Hispanic buying power in the U.S. was
measured at $1 trillion in 2010 and is expected to grow to $1.5 trillion by

In regard to brand names when shopping, about three-fourths
of Hispanics create shopping lists, and these lists are twice as likely to
include a brand name, the survey finds. Hispanics also appear to be less
committed to store brands, with 39% indicating they would likely resume buying
more national brands than store brands when the economy or their financial
situation improves.

When Hispanics shop, they do so with at least one other
person nearly 80% of the time, the survey found, and more than half of
Hispanics with children take them shopping. While 46% of the general population
shops alone, only 22% of Hispanics do. During the past year, Hispanic shoppers
frequented dollar stores, mass merchandisers and grocery stores more than the
general population. Meanwhile, both Hispanics and all U.S. shoppers reported a
decline in trips to drug, convenience and natural food/organic stores.

The survey found that on a routine shopping trip, the
average Hispanic family spends $111.50, while the average family among the
general population spends $98.20.

The survey also found that Hispanics are heavier users of
text messaging, mobile websites, tablets, smartphones and mobile apps than the
general population. Using technology is based both on Hispanics' desire to stay
in touch with family and friends and also to share information. According to
the survey, 51% of Hispanics have smartphones compared to 41% of the general
population; 47% of Hispanics regularly text message compared to 42% of the general
population; 30% of Hispanics stream music from websites compared to 24% of the
general population; 29% of Hispanics use streaming websites compared to 24% of
the general population; and 19% of Hispanics regularly use a mobile app,
compared to 14% of the general population.

Hispanics also cook more at home and eat more natural and
organic foods. The survey found 62% of Hispanics frequently cook their meals at
home, compared to 52% of the general population; 24% of Hispanics prepare specific
meals requested by family members compared to 14% of the general population;
38% of Hispanics eat natural foods compared to 27% of the general population;
and 31% of Hispanics eat organic food compared to 22% of the general

Hispanics are more likely to visit product review sites,
local review sites and cooking or recipe sharing sites, the survey found. They
are also early adopters of new technologies, ahead of the general population,
and they surpass U.S. millennial and Gen X shoppers in their use of
sophisticated interactive tools for social networking.

U.S. Hispanics relate to both American and Hispanic culture
but they use their native language to stay connected to their Hispanic roots.
The majority of Hispanics understand English, with a slight drop among the 65
and older demo, the survey found. Also, there is a strong preference for
Spanish-language media among Hispanic millennials.

Overall, only 28% of Hispanics say they speak Spanish more
than English. Another 57% say they speak both an equal amount and 15% say they
speak English only.

When asked what language they prefer when watching TV, reading
magazines and newspapers and listening to the radio, and 28% of Hispanic millennials
18-34 said Spanish more than English; 52% said both in Spanish and English; and
20% said in just English.

Finally, Hispanics are more optimistic about
their economic future than the general population. When asked if they expect
any change in total household income in the coming year, 32% said they expect a
positive change, compared to 22% of the general population.