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Univision Continues to Make Inroads Into Big Four's Primetime 18-49 Audience

Spanish-language broadcast network Univision's growing
competitiveness with the Big Four English-language broadcast networks has been
well documented. During the first week of the new fall season, Univision
out-delivered one or more of the Big Four-ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox-on five
out of seven nights among adults 18-34. During the second week of the season,
it did so on six out of seven nights, and also out-delivered one or more of the
English-language broadcast nets on four out of seven nights among adults in the
coveted 18-49 demo.

But Univision's inroads into primetime viewership look even
more impressive when the particular English-language network shows they are
outdrawing are identified. And Univision is actually winning these demo battles
with the same three novelas each night at 8, 9 and 10, while the broadcast
networks are, for the most part, running a variety of different series each

A series-by-series examination of Nielsen ratings data for
the first two weeks of the broadcast season finds that Univision's 8 p.m. novella,
Por Ella Soy Eva (For Her I'm Eva),
a romantic comedy, rated better than five English-language dramas and six
sitcoms in the 18-49 demo; its 9 p.m. novela, Abismo de Pasión
(Abyss of Passion), a remake of a
1996 Mexican novela, out-rated 10 English-language dramas and seven sitcoms,
including two head-to-head; and its 10 p.m. novela, Amor Bravío (Fierce Love), has drawn a larger 18-49
audience than seven English-language series, including two head-to-head.

Por Ella Soy Eva at 8 p.m. has averaged 3.9 million
viewers and a 1.7 18-49 rating with a median age audience of 38; Abismo de
at 9 p.m. has averaged 4.5 million viewers with a 1.9 18-49 rating and
a median age of 40; while Amor BravÃo at 10 p.m. has averaged
3.5 million viewers with a 1.4 18-49 rating with a median age of 40.

Por Ella Soy Eva averaged a higher 18-49 rating over
the first two weeks than NBC's Grimm, CBS' CSI: NY, Blue Bloods and Made inJersey, and
Fox's Fringe and The Mob Doctor.

Abismo de Pasión drew a higher 18-49 rating than
those six, along with ABC's Private Practice, NBC's Parenthood,
and CBS' TheMentalist and The Good Wife. It also drew a
higher rating in the demo that myriad sitcoms, beating Fox's Raising Hope and Ben and Kate, and NBC's Guys with Kids, Up All Night, 30 Rock,
Animal Practice
and Parks and Recreation.

Amor Bravío averaged a higher 18-49 rating head-to-head
on Thursdays and Fridays at 10 p.m. than news magazine Rock Center with Brian
and CBS' Blue Bloods, respectively. It also drew a higher
rating in the demo than did CSI: NY, Made in Jersey,Fringe
and TheMob Doctor.

Univision also has the younger median age audience compared
to the Big Four English-language networks. CBS' median age audience through two
weeks was 58, compared to 55 last season; ABC is 55, up from 54; NBC is 48, and
flat; Fox is 43, up from 42; while Univision is 40, up from 37.

Although Univision has made inroads vs. the English-language
networks, it is not immune to viewer fragmentation, particularly with new
Hispanic network MundoFox making its debut this fall. During last season's
first two weeks, Univision's 8 p.m. novela Teresa was averaging a
2.3 18-49 rating, 26% higher than Por Ella Soy Eva. Its 9 p.m. novela, LaFuerza del Destino, was averaging a 2.1 18-49 rating,
10% higher than Abismo de Pasión, while its 10 p.m. novela, Rosa
, was averaging a
1.4 18-49 rating, flat compared to Amor Bravío.

But even with those declines, the Spanish-language network
is still showing that it can draw with the Big Four in the 18-49 demo on
certain nights against a growing number of series. That's because viewership on
the English-language networks is down even more. All the broadcast networks are
showing hefty double-digit declines except for NBC, which is up in the 18-49
demo overall by 11%. But most of its series are down. The increase is primarily
due to its airing two weekly editions of the hit singing competition series The
which was not on last fall.

Some of Univision's novelas can now be tapped for product
integrations. While novelas such as Abismo
de Pasión
, which Univision buys from Televisa after it airs in Mexico, are
not available for integrations, Univision is now producing some of its own
novelas and marketers could get their brands into some of those.