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Underwriters Laboratory Warns About Chinese Counterfeit Communication Cable

Underwriters Laboratory has issued a warning that one brand of Chinese-manufactured communications cable is being sold in the U.S. with a counterfeit tag indicating that it is safe for use in this nation.

UL, which certifies the safety electrical components used in the U.S. and elsewhere, said the product, communications cable manufactured by Hangzhou Xingfa Transmission Equipment Co. Ltd., has been sold with a tag indicating it is “listed” by UL, but in fact is not. Communications cable can be either single conductor coaxial cable or multiple-conduit jacketed cable for telephony or other uses, according to the UL's definition.

The suspect cable is sold in 1,000 foot reels and is marked KWC Rg59/U 20AWG BC (UL) CM E236949 *** FT, according to UL. 

Businesses which have bought the suspect cable should stop using it and return it to distributors, according to the agency.