UK Pay TV Tech Company Amino Aims for North American Traction

Amino's Amigo 7X Android TV Operator Tier set-top
(Image credit: Amino Technologies)

Amino Technologies, a key UK-based technology shop backing the proliferation of Android TV operator tier set-top solutions across Europe, says its North American presence is “accelerating.” 

The vendor, based in Cambridge, now touts a list of 14 North American pay TV operators for its tech, which includes AminoOS middleware, the Amigo 7X Ultra-HD set-top, and the Amino Engage SaaS management solution. The company says its client list includes AW Broadband, Conway Corp., Hay Communications and Home Telecom, which each agreed to shill for Amino in a press release last week intended to boost the company’s fortunes across the pond.

"A crucial element of our transition from legacy video to IPTV is to make sure that existing subscribers who may have little or no experience with streaming services are still able to adopt our new platform successfully," said Jason Hansen, chief technology officer for Conway, Arkansas-based Conway, which uses Amino tech in its ConwayCorpTV service. "The Amigo 7X gives us that capability by providing a refreshed Conway Corp. branded UI, traditional grid guide and standard remote all while still providing an alluring product for those cable-never audiences. “

"Launching Android TV services has opened up a new level of possibility for some of our more traditional customers," added Caoimhe Zett, customer marketing supervisor for Charleston, N.C.-headquartered Home Telecom, which uses Amino in its HomeStream TV offering. "Amino has supported us throughout the entire life cycle, from building mission-critical Android TV capabilities to going through the certification process and becoming market-ready in record time.”

Globally, Amino touts 250 million customers across 65 countries. The company says its technology powers 10 million devices. 

Amino also references T-Mobile, Cincinnati Bell and Consolidated Communications in the “customers” page of its website. 

“Consumers are looking for easy access to content, wherever it is, and intuitive UIs that are simple to navigate," says Donald McGarva, Amino Group CEO. "At the same time, operators want a flexible, cost-effective route to modernizing their services with OTT content, while managing the consumer experience. We're pleased that Amino has been enabling North American operators to stay at the cutting-edge of the TV revolution through launching Android TV Operator Tier services and we look forward to driving this transformation forward with more new customers throughout 2021."

Daniel Frankel

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