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UBS Conference: Charter's Down With OTT

New York - Charter Communications CEO Mike Lovett told an audience at an investment conference Monday that operators should embrace, not fear over-the-top video, hinting that while the mid-market MSO could have product address in that market in the next several months, it will likely take a next generation of set-top boxes to deliver it. 

Lovett, speaking at the UBS Global Media & Communications conference here Monday, said that operators could use over the top video (which some analysts abbreviate as OTT) could be a way for cable ops to sell more broadband and at the same time gain an inroad with a younger demographic. Charter currently is trialing cross-platform capabilities like TV Everywhere, the cable online initiative, and other online content. 

Asked about his top three priorities, Lovett said near-term objectives are focused around improving customer services, rolling out switched digital and DOCSIS 3.0 service.  

"Longer term in the video business, it's looking at what is going on from an over-the-top standpoint. How do we embrace some of the new services and some of the new providers," Lovett said, adding that Charter is uniquely positioned because it has a relationship with the customer already, and a robust broadband infrastructure.

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