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Two VoIP Patents for 8x8

8x8 was awarded two new U.S. Patents for voice-over-Internet-protocol technology.

U.S. Patent No. 7,120,143, Voice Over Internet Processor, was described as “a programmable audio-processor chip for processing voice data comprising: a DSP [digital-signal-processing] voice-compression device adapted to compress the voice data; audio-processing circuitry programmed with an audio-processing software application for processing the compressed voice data; an IP network stack adapted to store and process IP data, the IP network stack including protocols for processing the compressed voice data via an IP network; and a communication stack adapted to store and process communications data, the communications stack including audio-processing protocols for processing the compressed voice data.”

And 8x8 described U.S. Patent No. 7,120,238, Sensor-Controlled Telephone System, as “a method for selecting an operating mode of a telephony system that is used in a closed facility and is communicatively coupled to the Internet, comprising: detecting at least one person within a predetermined area, the area being associated with a telephone device in the telephony system; communicating a detection signal to the telephony system responsive to detecting the at least one person; operating the telephony system in a first operating mode responsive to the absence of the detection signal and, in a second operating mode, responsive to receipt of the detection signal; and communicating via the Internet in response to the first or second operating mode.”